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Blue Light District 

Another shot from over the Christmas period, this time in a street off Carnaby Street in London. I liked the bright boue of the bulbs against the sky.
Again shot with my iPhone, I’ve darkened the sky a bit in Photoshop, increased the vibrance and taken out any distracting street signs.


London calling

Eventually got round to uploading my shots from over Christmas…! Again I went to the King’s Cross area of London over the Christmas break ( I took some shots last year here). King’s Cross was, it’s safe to say, not the nicest of areas 20 years ago. I’d just moved to London and every time I came back from visiting family I’d have to run the gauntlet to get to the Tube. The place wasn’t terrifying or anything, just not….desirable, shall we say.

Now it’s unrecognisable. It’s been gentrified and businesses are moving in ( even’s Google’s UK head office) and with that has come a lot of street art as well as a lot of opportunities for people watching. I love wandering around and seeing what catches my eye, especially as there’s so many shapes from all the new architecture that’s sprung up.The area stretches from behind King’s Cross and St Pancras train stations, both huge stations as St Pancras runs the Eurostar services, and beyond Regent’s Canal to the old train yards behind, they’re all restaurants now. There’s loads of flats/ apartments there now, I’d buy there if I could afford it!

I’ve posted a few shots below, once I get round to cleaning the rest up I’ll post more.


I shot the last one through glass so there’s a bit of a selfportrait going on there as well…



Happy New Year! (belated)

Hmmm…well I think we can agree that trying to take up a new hobby and build an extension at the same time is NOT A GOOD IDEA. Anyway after a hiatus of however many months, and now in a larger and warm house, I thought I’d log back in. My photography hit rate has suffered as well but that’s another resolution on my list- get out there and take photos!

These are some I took in and around Kings Cross station in London over Christmas. Kings Cross was,how shall we put it, in need of regeneration up till a few years ago when they… started to regenerate it. There’s lots of bars, restaurants and the station itself has been given a makeover, so plenty of interesting shapes to catch your eye. I wandered around and took a few pics which I’ve shared below, let me know what you think.