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I’ve moved to pixelgreat.com

Pretty much as it says above really- I’ve eventually got round to setting up a self hosted WordPress site at www.pixelgreat.com¬†, so if you’re interested in any more of my musings please head there from now on.

I aim for the blog to be about photography , how my OCD affects it and general art based stuff really. Hope to see you there!



I just shot this with my iPhone a couple of weeks back while out on a walk. I’m really impressed with the iPhone camera to be honest, I’ve always had “entry market” phones before, to put it politely, and I’d had enough of them going wrong so I coughed up for this 6S that I have now, and the camera is a big bonus!

It had been a lovely sunny winter’s day and the sun was going down behind the hill that I was on. I liked the colours in the sky and that’s what made me dig my phone out.

No editing- only the bodge job of me removing a tree that I didn’t like from the bottom right corner. I’ve got Elements 12 and very little knowledge of editing so the results are plain to see!


First post!

I’ve been meaning to do this for ages and finally, that day has come- start a blog! (Well technically I started one a couple of years back ,but that petered out….less said about that the better.)

Anyway…about 3 years ago I bought my first digital SLR. I’ve always been interested in photography, even as a kid, but never really had the time or inclination to take it any further. When my daughter was born that was our motivation to buy one, but as most people new to photography, had no idea how it worked.

Eventually I decided, rather than having a very expensive paperweight on my bookshelf, I should really look at doing a photography for beginners class. So I signed up to a 2 day course at a local photographer’s studio and- I was hooked! The power of this little computerised box of tricks in your hands- it was amazing! ( Especially if you flunked art at school like me.)

Of course, that photographer had his own studio for a reason- he’s good! And I am….interested in photography. I plan to be that good one day though! So this blog is basically a platform for me to share what I’ve learnt over the past couple of years ( not much but I’m better than I was) and for you guys to share what you know as well.

I suppose I should share the first picture I took with it, if I can find it-



So yeah, the white balance is wrong and there’s reflection showing ( I’m not daft, I didn’t climb in with it!), but it was a start.

Hopefully, with your help, we can all improve our photo skills. I’ll be sure to pass on any tips I’ve picked up and any I learn in the future.