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I just shot this with my iPhone a couple of weeks back while out on a walk. I’m really impressed with the iPhone camera to be honest, I’ve always had “entry market” phones before, to put it politely, and I’d had enough of them going wrong so I coughed up for this 6S that I have now, and the camera is a big bonus!

It had been a lovely sunny winter’s day and the sun was going down behind the hill that I was on. I liked the colours in the sky and that’s what made me dig my phone out.

No editing- only the bodge job of me removing a tree that I didn’t like from the bottom right corner. I’ve got Elements 12 and very little knowledge of editing so the results are plain to see!



Autumn days

It was a surprisingly nice day yesterday so I went for a walk with my new toy, an iPhone 6S. I’ve treated myself to my first expensive phone! Generally all my phones die slow deaths as I never spend much cash on them, then wonder why they’re not as good as I thught they’d be….

Anyway ( yes a large part of my purchasing decision was based on how good the 6S camera is supposed to be) I went for a short walk yesterday and took a few snaps. I found some amazingly colourful trees, apparently the summer we’ve had this year in the UK means that autumn is more vibrant this year.

Hope you like them.