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I’ve moved to pixelgreat.com

Pretty much as it says above really- I’ve eventually got round to setting up a self hosted WordPress site at www.pixelgreat.com , so if you’re interested in any more of my musings please head there from now on.

I aim for the blog to be about photography , how my OCD affects it and general art based stuff really. Hope to see you there!


Blue Light District 

Another shot from over the Christmas period, this time in a street off Carnaby Street in London. I liked the bright boue of the bulbs against the sky.
Again shot with my iPhone, I’ve darkened the sky a bit in Photoshop, increased the vibrance and taken out any distracting street signs.

Blue Monday

Well it’s Tuesday actually but I thought I’d shoehorn a New Order reference in thereto link to more abstract shots that are…..based on the colour blue!

The second one should probably give you a clue as to what I was shooting. I’ve also realised that I never actually talk about what I’ve done or how I did it- this is normally because I’m just experimenting and seeing what happens in terms of how the shots come out.

I’ve always been interested in macro but can’t stretch to a macro lens in terms of cost, so I bought some close up filters for £20 a while back. I keep them just to use on my kit lens, and this time I went the whole hog and stacked all 4 on the lens- a+10,+4,+2 and a +1. That creates a pretty shallow depth of field! It did give me some interesting shots though.

I used a table lamp to sidelight it on my kitchen table, with some blue card underneath it so that I could try and keep the colour constant. Then I used my limited Photoshop knowledge to increase the saturation and tint a bit.

Let me know what you think! ( And also what you think it is!)




Light trails

I’m still intrigued by what I can get the camera to do when I’m”not trying”… Took my daughter to see Santa at a garden centre last week and while we were waiting I got the SLR out and took a few pics of her running about etc. Then I wondered what the Xmas trees we were stood next to would come out like on macro.

Then I thought I’d try the same technique I used on autumn trees and got some really interesting effects. Only had to stop as it was so cold last weekend my hands were freezing!

Hope you enjoy.



I took this pattern of mosaic tiles as I liked the pattern and the way it got darker towards the shadows. It’s actually the entrance to a department store ( M&S for anyone who knows of it, and this was obviously a very 1970’s store when it was built!). I’ve done a few abstracts recently and I’m enjoying them, they seem to say something different to everyone.



It’s all a blur

The second nice day this week weather-wise, nicer than yesterday at any rate ( foggy and gloomy) so I went out again, SLR in hand this time.

I went to a park near me where the trees are in all sorts of colours and took a few pictures, nothing special. Then I started experimenting with blur-I set the camera to manual and a shutter speed of 1/4, with an aperture of f22 and ISO of 100 as it was so bright, I didn’t want the image to blow out on that exposure time. Maybe I should add an ND filter to my wish list…..

I took loads of images and most are predictably a bit pants, but I managed to get a few interesting ones. They’ve had a bit of temperature change and saturation change in Elements but other than that they’re as they were in camera.

Let me know what you think!