Blue is the colour

Am still experimenting with abstracts.I really like the way you can make a story out of anything, even just stuff lying around the house- it really is all about colour and shape.

Had a go with it again earlier today,I like this one, I think it’s a very “restful” relaxing picture.

Let me know what you think!img_0408v2


Abstract part 2

I had more abstracts from my trip to the garden centre last week. Again they’re all Xmas trees lit up, and I rotated or pulled the camera up on a long shutter speed ( 1/4 sec or more). If I knew more Photoshop I’d clean them up a bit.

Let me know what you think to them!








Frozen flower

Forgot this one last time I posted, it was actually my favourite one I shot that day. I liked how the flower is frozen in time and obviously will never progress now as the frost will have damaged it.

I couldn’t get it to look how I wanted at first, the sun was quite low at that time in the morning and it was a rich warm glow on this flower. But when I shot it it was too harsh. I underexposed by a stop and got it to look right to me ie more how it did to my eye. That’s something I wouldn’t have known to do 6 months ago! I didn’t do any editing to it, I liked it straight out of camera.

Enjoy. img_0360


It’s pretty chilly here today so I went out around 9am to see what I could see, hoping for some good shots. Plenty of frost about, and I managed a few before I thought my fingers were about to drop off( -4C is too cold to not have gloves on!).

Done some minimal editing as the frost was so bright, and warmed a couple of them up as they had come out pretty cold( ho ho).







Light trails

I’m still intrigued by what I can get the camera to do when I’m”not trying”… Took my daughter to see Santa at a garden centre last week and while we were waiting I got the SLR out and took a few pics of her running about etc. Then I wondered what the Xmas trees we were stood next to would come out like on macro.

Then I thought I’d try the same technique I used on autumn trees and got some really interesting effects. Only had to stop as it was so cold last weekend my hands were freezing!

Hope you enjoy.



I took this pattern of mosaic tiles as I liked the pattern and the way it got darker towards the shadows. It’s actually the entrance to a department store ( M&S for anyone who knows of it, and this was obviously a very 1970’s store when it was built!). I’ve done a few abstracts recently and I’m enjoying them, they seem to say something different to everyone.



Fallen leaves

What’s going on? 3 posts in a week?! I just wanted to post another shot I took of some autumn leaves earlier in the week, as I liked the pattern of how they’d fallen, and the contrast with the shadows.

When I got home I converted to B&W and instantly it looked better, it seemed to bring out the pattern more.

I’m only just started experimenting with monochrome recently but it changes the image so much ( more than just removing the colour if you see what I mean).

What do you think?img_0054img_0054v2


It’s all a blur

The second nice day this week weather-wise, nicer than yesterday at any rate ( foggy and gloomy) so I went out again, SLR in hand this time.

I went to a park near me where the trees are in all sorts of colours and took a few pictures, nothing special. Then I started experimenting with blur-I set the camera to manual and a shutter speed of 1/4, with an aperture of f22 and ISO of 100 as it was so bright, I didn’t want the image to blow out on that exposure time. Maybe I should add an ND filter to my wish list…..

I took loads of images and most are predictably a bit pants, but I managed to get a few interesting ones. They’ve had a bit of temperature change and saturation change in Elements but other than that they’re as they were in camera.

Let me know what you think!

Autumn days

It was a surprisingly nice day yesterday so I went for a walk with my new toy, an iPhone 6S. I’ve treated myself to my first expensive phone! Generally all my phones die slow deaths as I never spend much cash on them, then wonder why they’re not as good as I thught they’d be….

Anyway ( yes a large part of my purchasing decision was based on how good the 6S camera is supposed to be) I went for a short walk yesterday and took a few snaps. I found some amazingly colourful trees, apparently the summer we’ve had this year in the UK means that autumn is more vibrant this year.

Hope you like them.