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Spring at last…part 2

Well, as it’s taken long enough, I’ve been out taking shots of the fantastic displays of daffodils and crocuses that have sprung up locally (see what I did there?).

I¬†took my EFS 17-55 2.8 lens with me, it tends to be my go-to lens when I’m walking about looking for inspiration. I didn’t have my polarising filter on me,and the sun was still quite low as it was only about 8am. The final shot is into the sun , I prefer the second shot but thought I’d include it anyway.

I’m also thinking about getting a copy of¬†Lightroom. I often look at my images and think they could do with a bit more “zing”- hoping I’ll find the time to learn my way round it once I have it!

I have a few more from the same walk which I’ll add onto Instagram.










Spring at last!

In the UK we get our fair share of rain….. (!!) and we certainly have this winter, but at last the sun is out , the birds are singing, and the flowers are coming out. Spring is definitely my favourite season, I love the fact that everything’s new (and that we’re as far away from winter as it’s possible to get).

Took a walk round with my 17-55 f2.8 lens. It’s an EFS and I have a 550D (I think they’re known as Rebels in the US?) so I do get some sort of wideangle from it. Ended up with my best shots from this walk being close-ups anyway, will go for another walk and work on some wider shots.

Hope you like them.









Only a quick post this time. I took these a couple of weeks back as well when it was cold enough to warrant lighting the fire here. I know fire is pretty hard to photograph but I had a go, using my 70-300 lens to zoom in (cos it was pretty hot!)

Thought I’d post now as it looks as though spring is eventually on its way, weird writing about how cold it was 2 weeks ago while sitting in spring sunshine.

Ancient history

A couple of weeks ago I took the camera ( and myself) to St.Albans, which is an old Roman town near London. Think York, which everyone’s heard of, but smaller. It still has winding streets, plenty of old pubs and cottages, some that are probably 500 years or more.

I didn’t make it as far as the cathedral (which is probably as old and not much smaller than York Minster as far as I know) but am hoping to go back and shoot that another day.