Nifty fifty

So….life gets in the way, doesn’t it? However much I say I want to devote time to blogging another obstacle crops up.

Anyway-due to “life”, I haven’t been out with my camera at all over the past week.( Why I decided to get rid of my high quality portable iPhone and replace it with a smartphone that has a camera circa 2001 I’ll never know. Maybe the price?) I did take it with me a few days ago though when I went for afternoon tea ( an English tradition of dainty cakes and an array of teas and sandwiches with weird fillings like cucumber. Just cucumber).

The hotel we went to is an old stately home, and I walked around and took a few pictures with my new “nifty fifty” lens. As it’s on a crop body I’m working more to 80mm rather than 50mm, and I’m used to my 17-55 EFS lens so it’s taking some getting used to. Hopefully I’ll get to experiment with it a bit more next week.

( I did take a couple of macro photos of the cake arrangement with a bridge camera but the SD card has gone awry so none to share I’m afraid!)



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