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Love is in the air

It’s that time of year again folks, where Valentines can mean anything from a 10ft high teddy bear and a 2kg heart shaped box of chocolates on your doorstep, to a microwave meal for one in front of reruns on Dave (repeat channel here in the UK).

However it also gave me some opportunities to try shooting some different stuff than what I had lying round the house. I bought some heart chocolates and polyester rose petals( all for £3, don’t say I’m cheap!) and set up a table in the spare room.

These are some of the best I came up with. As I’m on a budget I experimented with a shoot of polystyrene (from the leftover packaging when we bought a wardrobe a few months back) as a reflector and a table lamp as side lighting with a sheet thrown over it. I’m only just getting to grips with trying to control light but can already see the difference these homemade aids have made to the shots.

Taken at around f5 if I remember rightly. This was with just overhead light and the reflector on the left. ISO at 1600 and on a tripod.
As above but with side light too.
Side light only, fairly obviously.


This next one is my attempt at an optical illusion! I layered the petals and the chocolates against a 10x magnification mirror. As I was focusing on the mirror I shot at f/25 so that the foreground wasn’t just a blurred blob of red. The shot underneath is just side light only.





And a quick go at Cupid’s arrow but I ran out of chocolates ( no-one ate any honest….)



Will try these ideas again with different props next time.


Nifty fifty

So….life gets in the way, doesn’t it? However much I say I want to devote time to blogging another obstacle crops up.

Anyway-due to “life”, I haven’t been out with my camera at all over the past week.( Why I decided to get rid of my high quality portable iPhone and replace it with a smartphone that has a camera circa 2001 I’ll never know. Maybe the price?) I did take it with me a few days ago though when I went for afternoon tea ( an English tradition of dainty cakes and an array of teas and sandwiches with weird fillings like cucumber. Just cucumber).

The hotel we went to is an old stately home, and I walked around and took a few pictures with my new “nifty fifty” lens. As it’s on a crop body I’m working more to 80mm rather than 50mm, and I’m used to my 17-55 EFS lens so it’s taking some getting used to. Hopefully I’ll get to experiment with it a bit more next week.

( I did take a couple of macro photos of the cake arrangement with a bridge camera but the SD card has gone awry so none to share I’m afraid!)