Gaggle of Goslings

Is that the right term for a group of geese?

Another long gap since my last post, life is pretty hectic at the moment! And it’s half term here in the UK so the kids are off school, meaning time is really at a premium!

Anyway, before the school holidays started I managed to get out and take these pics on a rare sunny day ( ie not raining). I knew of a village pond in one of the villages nearby and next time I drove up there, randomly on a trip to the dentists, I went to check it out. When I saw the little family on the pond I knew I’d have to come back and bring my long lens- nobody wants an angry parent goose close up with a 17-55mm lens!

All photos taken with my EF 70-300mm 4-5.6 lens.

IMG_7652b IMG_7655b IMG_7673b IMG_7675b IMG_7680b IMG_7694b

I was definitely getting the eye from the parent by the last shot so I went back to the car!


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